How and Where I Can Get Loans While Having Pending Loan-Consolidation


Is it very difficult to obtain a new loan? It is advisable to leave these lists to open up the possibilities of using the wide range of financial products available at your leisure.


Is it possible to get a new loan while having a pending loan?

What are the requirements to get a loan?

Although it is true that it is not easy to get a loan while having pending loan, there are some financial entities that assume the risk of approving a loan to debtors that appear in this file. These providers assume that having pending loan does not always mean economic insolvency and approve the loan under certain conditions.


What are the requirements to get a loan?


Each financial institution has its conditions to be able to grant loans, but in general terms they are the following:

-There are some financial entities that mark a limit of 200 euros , that is, if you have a debt exceeding this amount, the loan is not approved. There are others that set this limit at 1,000 euros and can even reach 2,000 euros

– If a loan is requested and a mortgage guarantee is required, the limit mentioned in the previous section may not exist. By having a tangible guarantee of payment, the risk is minimized significantly

– That the debt does not come from non-payments to other financial entities . In other words, you can not ask for this type of loan if the debt comes from the non-payment of a loan, credit or credit card fee

– The most accepted debts are those not paid to supply companies such as Internet, telephony and electricity

Having these conditions is a fundamental requirement for them to be able to approve a loan. Otherwise, they may deny the request when they consider that your profile does not meet the requirements.

In addition to the previous conditions that concern the non-payment that you have in the file of defaulters, there are some others necessary to qualify for a loan:

  • Demonstrate regular income and economic stability . The financial institution may ask for payroll, pension or any other income that demonstrates that you can meet the loan payments
  • Be of age. There are many entities that set minimum ages of 21 or 25 years to apply for a loan
  • Be a Spanish resident. The financial products offered by these entities are regulated under Spanish laws and are subject to the conditions of the Spanish market

If you meet the above conditions and with these requirements, you will not have any problem when applying for a loan.

 Is it possible to get a new loan while having a pending loan?

What type of loan can you request?

  1. Mini-credits

With mini-credits you can get up to 300 euros on the first application. If you are already a customer and have a good track record, the amounts increase up to 500 euros . Generally, the cost of this financing is 1.1% daily and the repayment of these loans is in a single installment to be repaid in 30 days.

These loans are granted in 15 minutes or less , since speed is one of its greatest advantages.

  1. Quick loans of larger amounts

In quick loans it is possible to obtain from 50 euros to 5,000 euros is only 15 minutes, since the application is made completely by Internet. These loans are returned in monthly installments of between 3 and 36 months, and their cost is approximately 3% per month.

  1. Loans with guarantee

Secured loans are designed to request much larger amounts than those offered by the two previous financial products. The difference in this case is that a good of value must be delivered as a guarantee of payment .

For these cases, the car or a property is usually used as a guarantee . The cost of these loans is 12% APR and the maximum amount approved by financial institutions is 50% of the value of the guarantee. The refund must be made between 12 months and 10 years, everything depends on the amount borrowed.

When there is no guarantee of a good, the income and financial stability that can be demonstrated are taken as collateral . This is useful for the financial institution to know that you can face the installments without any problem.


Where can you get the loans?

There is a lot of variety in loan we offers. The most advisable thing is to access a loan comparison and obtain the necessary information that best suits you.

With us you will find the best entities that provide loans, in addition, the comparator offers you the opinions of the clients, how to request it and additional information that can be very useful when deciding on a financial institution or another.

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