Evaluation and details of a non-bank loan

Applicants for a bank loan must be at least 18 years of age, since they acquire full legal capacity when they are of legal age and can enter into contracts without restrictions, even if they involve high amounts. Non-bank lenders can, however, apply different loan criteria and set their clients’ preferred age. Of course, within reason, because young people are quite a large group of borrowers

Extension of the repayment date at Jenny

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Jenny does not offer an extension of the repayment period for an additional fee. In the event of delay, maximum interest will be added to the repayment amount, twice the amount of statutory interest for delay (twice the sum: the NBP reference rate + 5.5%). The upper age limit is set in a similar way. Usually it will be 70-75 years, sometimes 80, and the upper age limit is not very limited. So it’s worth taking the time to check what conditions the borrower must meet. Such a prosaic reason for refusal does not have to make you give up payday pay. Loans without age restrictions can be equally beneficial.

How do you get a loan from Jenny?

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After going to the Jenny website (link below) and choosing the amount and time of the loan, you will be transferred to the registration form. You must then confirm your details by performing a verification transfer of 1 penny from your bank account to the specified account. After registration, your application will be verified , in case of a positive decision, the money will be immediately transferred to your account.

If you have an account with one of the following banks

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Failure to pay at least one loan within one lender term virtually eliminates the possibility of taking another one. The more time after the payment deadline it took to repay the liability, the less chance you will receive more. It should also be remembered that most lenders will only grant loans if we do not have any active loans at the time of application. This rule applies in particular to payday loans. In the case of installment loans, the rules are somewhat loose and with some lenders (e.g. Aasa) you can apply for a second loan provided that the first few current installments are repaid on time.

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